About Us

A California raised family, we decided in 2019 to invest in ourselves, to open our windows, and share our family's favorite drinks with the world. Together with our 4 kids, we built our trailer from the ground up and now we enjoy bringing our Hand Crafted beverages to all the coolest places.

Delicious Drinks

Suds & Floats offers one-of-a-kind cream sodas and ice cream floats. From Classic Root beer to the unique blend of Take Me to Maui, any of our delicious cream sodas are worth a visit. Add a couple scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream, and you create a delightful float dessert.

The Trailer

Built from the ground up, we created a custom trailer that is a modern twist on soda jerks of the past. Showcasing custom taps that elevate the soda experience, Suds & Floats brings unique blends and classic favorites to you.